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What is the Best Type of Replacement Windows on the Market?

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Concord Casement windows provide you with the maximum light and fresh air. They are installed with a side hinge and are opened with casement window cam handles. You just crank the handle and the cam moves the connected arm to open the window as much or as little as you like. When closed the cam locks the window closed even if you have a separate locking mechanism.

The Concord easement window cam handles come in two types. One is locked onto the cam crank with a set screw and the other just snaps in place. If you apply too much torque to the handle you can break off the teeth inside the casement window cam handles and you will need to get a replacement handle.

If it is an older casement window the teeth or gear in the crank cam can get broken inside and either the handle will just rotate around without opening or closing the window. If this happens you will need to replace the entire cranking cam.

By converting to a push open window you can save the cost of replacing the entire window.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Window Casements: Things To Consider

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Casement windows have the power to transform your home in an instant. Because of its unique design, these windows can either keep the breeze in or keep the chilly winds out. Having this type of window can even shut the noise out and keep your home as tranquil as it can be. And, with just a simple crank of the handles, you can switch to different looks for your home. Or, you can adjust the windows according to how you want it. No matter what you choose, the casement window can be operated with utmost ease to suit your preference.

What are casement windows?

A casement window refers to a type of window fastened to the window frame with hinges, which are located at the side. Opening the windows is done by turning a crank, lever or cam handle. The casement window handles are typically placed approximately at hand height or else at the bottom of the structure and will function as a window lock. To secure an open casement window and keep it steady especially during windy days, a crank, stay or friction hinge is normally installed for security. The windows will often feature glass panes arranged in a rabbeted frame and secured with a certain compound to keep the glass safe.

Installing casement windows does not only provide these benefits. Doing so can likewise give the home an artistic look, especially when it is chosen appropriately and has good balance with everything else that surrounds it. You can pick from a complete range of colors, screens, grilles and other hardware to complement the home's existing design. In addition, get those windows that are built with materials that provide protection for your home and furniture, act as a shield against dangerous UV rays, and saves on heating and cooling expenses. When browsing through available windows, check if it has a worry-free, lifetime performance guarantee. This will ensure that you are making a good purchase.

5 Basic Types of Replacement Windows - Reviews

If you're interested in window replacement for your house, you're probably wondering which types of windows are best. Although a professional window company can go over all the different options that are available to homeowners, here's a quick guide to one type: casement windows.

What Are Window Casements?

It's very easy to determine whether your house uses casement windows with just one glance. These types of windows will open outward, instead of moving up and down. They will open with a crank and will have a hook lock to ensure that they're closed securely.


There are a number of benefits of choosing these types of windows for your house. One of the biggest ones is that they can be opened at different angles, which allows homeowners to 'catch' a breeze, no matter which way the air is blowing outside. Other types, such as single or double hung, will only open up or down and this requires that the breeze is perfectly perpendicular to the screen to enter the home. If you have different casements throughout your home, it's much easier to cool the inside of your home down using a cross breeze. Additionally, because the sash seals directly against the home, it allows more sunlight to enter the home and homeowners can have a less obstructed view of the outdoors.

Before choosing the right type for your home, make sure to talk to a qualified window company. These companies can help walk you through the different advantages and disadvantages and help you determine which is the right choice for window replacement for your home. Whether you choose casements, double hung, single hung or another type, working with a window company can help ensure that the installation is done correctly and that you're getting the very best product for your house.

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