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What is the Best Type of Replacement Windows on the Market?

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Coin Casement windows provide you with the maximum light and fresh air. They are installed with a side hinge and are opened with casement window cam handles. You just crank the handle and the cam moves the connected arm to open the window as much or as little as you like. When closed the cam locks the window closed even if you have a separate locking mechanism.

The Coin easement window cam handles come in two types. One is locked onto the cam crank with a set screw and the other just snaps in place. If you apply too much torque to the handle you can break off the teeth inside the casement window cam handles and you will need to get a replacement handle.

If it is an older casement window the teeth or gear in the crank cam can get broken inside and either the handle will just rotate around without opening or closing the window. If this happens you will need to replace the entire cranking cam.

By converting to a push open window you can save the cost of replacing the entire window.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Window Casements: Things To Consider

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When we are talking about Push-Out windows what we really mean is pull-in, because that is how you actually open the window. From the handle you pull the window sash in to open the window. There are some actual Push-out windows where you open the casement windows out instead of in. When you are using a true "Push-out" window you will have a locking arm attached through the frame of the screen that is on the inside of the window frame. You can push the window open and lock it in place with the locking arm. If you have a push-out window that opens inwards, the screen will be on the outside so you won't be letting any bugs or flies in.

Over time you will need to replace some of the push-out window hardware. This could be the locking arm and rail, or it could be the handle and lock mechanism. You may also need to replace the hinges on a window mounted vertically. Most hardware or home stores will carry the push-out window hardware that you need and usually it is a simple matter of unscrewing the existing hardware and replacing it with the new hardware.

You will occasionally need to replace the hinges. You will want to make sure you get high friction hinges that are made for casement windows whether they are the push-out or the hand crank type. You can get individual push-out window hardware parts or you can buy a kit that will come with a locking arm and rail, a modern handle and a lock mechanism handle. The cost of the kit is not much more than you would pay for the individual parts and you can always keep the extra parts on hand against the need for them at some later date.

What Makes a Home?

Wooden casement and sash windows will deteriorate over time but regular maintenance and prompt repairs will preserve them for a long time. You can easily repair wooden windows and cure three of the most common problems - rot, rattling and stickiness - in the following way:

Rattling of wooden casement windows is usually caused by an ill-fitting lever fastener. This is easily rectified. If the fastener is worn out replace it with a new one or reset the plate on the window frame into which it fastened.

Old wooden sash windows are notorious for rattling. This is usually caused by the bottom sash fitting too loosely in the frame. To cure it you have to remove the inner staff bead and replace it with one that it long enough so that it fits closely against the sash. Check that the rattle is cured by sliding the sash up and down before you drive in the fixing nails all the way. Rub candle wax on both sliding surfaces.

Check your windows regularly for rot by poking a screwdriver into the frames. The bottom of window frames is particularly prone to rot. Any soft or spongy areas are rotten and should be repaired. Dig out any rotten wood with a chisel or scraper. Soften the wood repair compound you are going to use by kneading, press into the damaged area and smooth the surface. Repaint the area when the compound has hardened and dried. If the rot is widespread consider replacing your windows.

The problems above can all be cured through repair. In some circumstances a replacement rather than a repair may be necessary.

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