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If you are renovating your home and considering new Wilson replacement windows, you have several great styles to choose from these days, including beautiful casement windows. You know these windows: they’re attached to their frames by hinges (usually on the side) and open by way of a crank or a lever (usually at the bottom) that also serves as the window’s lock.


Casement windows  have been around a long time-as long as poets have been writing about them you could say. But modern replace casement windows with double hung casement windows are more than just a thing of beauty. They’re a smart choice. In fact, I see a number of terrific benefits to choosing casement windows over other styles:

If You Want an Unobstructed View: Casements make a fabulous choice for rooms that look out over the ocean, lakes, woods, meadows or mountains. Unlike sash windows, all you see is the glass-and your beautiful vista. (Now you know why the poets love them!) You’ll want to just sit back and enjoy the view for hours.

If You Like to Fully Open Your Windows: Like the open air? Yes, this window is for you, nature lovers! No other window design opens as wide. As an added bonus, casement windows catch side breezes. Because casement windows sport an open sash that acts as a flap, it can funnel the air into your house. This is a real godsend if your home is close to another house or a building, with very little space between for air to enter directly. And they can be hinged on either the left or the right side to open out, further maximizing on the amount of air you can capture.

The Sounds of Silence: That airtight “snugness” has another benefit: silence. Casements can really keep the noise out, and this is especially true of Wilson windows, a unique patented composite that has the added feature of durability. FIBREX won’t rot, even in those salty ocean breezes! So many reasons to take a second look at replacement casement windows for your next home renovation project!. He has been selling and installing home improvement products for over 20 years. After introducing his Worry-Free, Lifetime Performance Guarantee, Wilson has earned the trust of thousands of clients by “doing the right thing” to ensure complete satisfaction when it comes to quality products and installation. Visit the Wilson to learn more about choosing the right windows for your home and your lifestyle.

Characteristics Of Casement Windows

replacing a casement window with a double hung

In this review about types of replacement windows I want to go over 5 types of windows that are most commonly bought by homeowners. Just read the article right through to the end and you will find it interesting - I believe.

Aluminum replacement windows
This one is first in my list but not necessarily the most important. What I love about this one is its style and versatility. In my opinion this one looks better than many of the different types available out there. I personally think they make for a better home than vinyl or even wood. In addition, these are quite durable. This is why they are commonly used for commercial building and for basement windows.

Vinyl replacement windows
If you are looking for a modern feel and look to your home coupled with ease of installation and different color options then you better find this types of replacement windows quickly. As I highlighted above, these are the most popular options in the market and they come in a variety of brands to choose from.

replacing a casement window with a double hung

In modern times, home owners install windows which come in various shapes and sizes. Window styles and shapes are unique allowing light penetration and ventilation. Windows come in five basic styles: double or single hung windows, sliding windows, casement or roll out windows, awning or hopper windows and louvered windows.

The single or double hung windows are styled on traditional pattern which open vertically. The sash acts as a frame where the window panes are set in. In double hung window, the sash slide both ways allowing the window to open from top and bottom which improves air circulation. In single hung window, the bottom sash slides upward which keep the upper half permanently fixed. To avoid insect infiltration, screens are usually installed outside the window frame.

Sliding windows differ from the single and double hung windows as their sashes feature horizontal movement. Double sliding windows have movable sashes with screens placed on the exterior or interior of the window frame. The casement windows open outwards with hinges at the side, usually a handle crank opens such windows. The casement window can open out for proper ventilation but as it sticks out, it blocks air circulation to a great extent. Roll out windows, also called casement windows, are mainly confined to bathrooms and are accompanied by handles that turns to open.

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outwards with screens attached to the interior. When they are open, the glass pane acts like an awning and protects the interior from rain. The hopper windows are similar style with hinges at the bottom but opens inward. Such window types are usually seen in basements.

Louvered windows are formed of several strips of tilted glasses. The windows are opened by a lever. Since air often leaks through the movable glass pieces, even when closed, the louvered windows tend to be energy inefficient. This accounts for their prevalence in mild climates. They also create a security hazard as the glass strips could be easily broken or removed for gaining entry.

Windows today bring beauty, light, warmth and cool breeze into homes while providing a sense of openness and space. Single pane windows have been replaced by multi panes. Such panes are made of energy efficient materials with coated glass for heat reflection. The customers have the option of selecting windows which saves money while increasing comfort.

As windows normally outnumber doors in any home, selecting the appropriate window is very important as people these days are concerned about energy conservation. Windows are designed for optimum efficiency with the latest energy efficient technology. Well styled windows allow natural ventilation and ushers sophistication to the entire home decor.

Push-Out Window Hardware

What is the best type of windows to repair in your home? What is the best type of window?

These are just a few of many questions I have been getting this season. I have discussed this topic about the best type of replacement windows on the market several times - from providing lists, to tips and questions to ask a replacement window contractor. However, let me try and answer these questions with a slightly different approach.

I suggest you read the article right through to the end in order to get the full gist of this important subject matter. I will provide a highlight about some of the best types of windows to keep in mind. First let me ask this,

Some of the best types of replacement windows on the market include, casement, double hung, awning, skylights, and bow to name just a few. You need to talk to an expert within your area to help you make the right pick for your home based on the design and weather conditions.

replace casement windows with double hung

Glass Block Window Sizes For Basements, Bathrooms, and Buildings - 4 Steps For Success

Casement windows have the power to transform your home in an instant. Because of its unique design, these windows can either keep the breeze in or keep the chilly winds out. Having this type of window can even shut the noise out and keep your home as tranquil as it can be. And, with just a simple crank of the handles, you can switch to different looks for your home. Or, you can adjust the windows according to how you want it. No matter what you choose, the casement window can be operated with utmost ease to suit your preference.

What are casement windows?

A casement window refers to a type of window fastened to the window frame with hinges, which are located at the side. Opening the windows is done by turning a crank, lever or cam handle. The casement window handles are typically placed approximately at hand height or else at the bottom of the structure and will function as a window lock. To secure an open casement window and keep it steady especially during windy days, a crank, stay or friction hinge is normally installed for security. The windows will often feature glass panes arranged in a rabbeted frame and secured with a certain compound to keep the glass safe.

Installing casement windows does not only provide these benefits. Doing so can likewise give the home an artistic look, especially when it is chosen appropriately and has good balance with everything else that surrounds it. You can pick from a complete range of colors, screens, grilles and other hardware to complement the home's existing design. In addition, get those windows that are built with materials that provide protection for your home and furniture, act as a shield against dangerous UV rays, and saves on heating and cooling expenses. When browsing through available windows, check if it has a worry-free, lifetime performance guarantee. This will ensure that you are making a good purchase.